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Embed Payments Today, Generate Revenue Tomorrow

Seamless and flexible embedded payment facilitation 

for ISVs and SaaS platforms.

Embedded Payfac That’s Plug and Play

Our gateway-friendly, no to low development approach speeds the addition of PCI-compliant embedded payment facilitation.

Architected by
Developers, for Developers

Our suite of restful APIs enables fast integration and automation of the embedded payment process, from onboarding to transacting and payouts.

Simplified Payment

Instantaneous account approval, automated onboarding, next-day funding and our self-serve portal simplifies merchant processing.

Increased Revenue
and Stickiness

Satisfy merchant demand for embedded software payments while generating new income with our lucrative revenue-sharing program.

Encrypted and Tokenized Payments

We believe payment security is paramount and our payment facilitation platform includes encryption, tokenization and fraud monitoring for all transactions.

Get Started With Embedded Payments

Whether you are an ISV, a SaaS provider or an independent merchant, Payfactory provides tailored payment facilitation solutions to fit your business.