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Integrated and White-label Payment Facilitation

Platform flexibility to provide plug-and-play payfac over a wide variety of partnership types.

Integrated and White-label Options

Payfactory offers acquirers, payment gateways, ISVs and ISOs a turnkey integration to our payment facilitation platform. Choose your partnership option and get white-glove, customized support from our partnership team.

Strategic Partnerships

White-labeled Payfac for acquirers and payment gateways

Referral Partnerships

Referral and reseller partnership for ISOs and financial institutions

ISV Partnerships

Embedded payment integration in ISV and SaaS platforms

Full Partner Program

Payfactory allows software companies to embed payments with no cost or liabilities and generate a new revenue source from payments and other embedded finance products

Board Merchants Quickly

Instantly approve merchants with a compliant and seamless process for enrollment and onboarding.

Competitive Pricing

We work with partners to create custom and transparent pricing to match or beat the competition.

Revenue Share

Begin generating payments revenue you were previously handing over to 3rd parties.

Special Programs

Take advantage of MCC-targeted, beneficial interchange programs to beat competitors that only offer one-size-fits-all prices.

Improve Customer Experience

Unify the customer experience from start to finish and create a more tailored product for your specific vertical by controlling payments.

Self-serve Merchant and Partner Portal

On top of the core payments platform, Payfactory has developed a merchant and partner portal through which our partners and their merchants can check all transactions and payments related to them.

Partner with Payfactory

Ready to board merchants fast and increase revenue? Learn more about our different partnership options for your business.