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Grow Your Bottom Line Quickly and Efficiently

Generate a new revenue stream with little to no overhead cost.

Embedding Software Payments to Quickly Grow Your Bottom Line

Immediately begin generating a new payments revenue stream, own your merchant data and go-live with little to no overhead cost.

Simplified Merchant Payment Processing

Payfactory speeds the process of traditional embedded payment integration and merchant go-live. Our ISV and SaaS partners can be up in running with payments in 1-2 days, and our simplified merchant setup and activation process ensures that payments revenue is earned upon the first merchant transaction.

Customized Payment Pricing and Partner Revenue Share

Consultative Approach

With projected pricing scenarios, insight into competitor rates, and an evaluation of a similar offerings in your market, we develop strategic financial targets based on your company’s revenue and acquisition goals.

Tailored Pricing Program

We work with our partners to determine the best merchant pricing structure that aligns with your payment processing offerings and the business goals of ISVs and SaaS platforms.

Aggressive Revenue Share

Our Partner Success Team team works with our ISVs and SaaS partners, from signing to boarding your current portfolio, to continuously evaluate the success of the revenue program and increase share as business grows.

Unique Business Knowledge

Our collective experience in embedded payment processing spans decades. We uniquely understand the business challenges and operating requirements of ISVs and software platforms and have first-hand experience on strategies to increase partner revenue.

Payments Industry Expertise

Our payment facilitation solutions span industries and software type, from small to medium sized electronic healthcare providers, to higher education platforms, to retail and hospitality installations.

Payfactory Partnership Program

When you partner with Payfactory for embedded payment facilitation, you partner with the best. Our partner and merchant tools ensure a seamless, self-serve experience that is completely modular and grows with your business.

Get a Free Payment Consultation

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of embedded software payments, and get a free pricing analysis based on your company size and merchant volume.